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Some Rules

1. Serious trade offers only please. The buy/sell offers should be products you are capable of importing or exporting. GBTC reserves the right to accept, reject and edit any offers.

2. GBTC is not responsible for any claims or content. We are not responsible for any errors in information presented in our trade centre and newsletter, although every effort is made to ensure that accurate and true information is given, as provided to us by our sources. The buy/sell offers listed comprise the information at the time of writing and are subject to change without notice.

3. The buy/sell offers posted normally will be listed for one month and are then archived. Offers are updated twice a week. If you find any of the offers listed are out of date, duplicated from same sources, or if you cannot get in touch with any companies listed in our trade centre, please inform the editors. Any invalid offers will be deleted from this trade centre immediately after being verified.

4. We do not offer any refund after you have registered and your payment has been processed. We do not offer any refund after you have received the mail ordered products and your payment has been processed. There are also no refund or exchanges on opened merchandise containing computer software.

5. Your user login ID and password is authorized for your use only. Multiple users of the same User ID and Password may be terminated without refund.

6. GBTC also selects some seemingly serious buy/sell offers that are posted in some trade-related public newsgroups, mailing lists, and websites and make them searchable by our search engines free of charge. However, GBTC reserves the right to accept or reject any offers posted in these newsgroups, mailing lists, and websites, and many offers posted may not be searchable. If you do not like this policy, please inform the editors and your offers will be deleted and not be listed in our search engines in future.

7. Once you send us your registration application, we will activate your account (with your own login id and password) and inform you by email. If you wish to renew your subscription when your initial subscription expires, you don't need to fill out another subscription application form again. To avoid an interruption in service, we are going to put you on the month-to- month subscription plan after the expiry date. We will keep your account active from then on until you inform us that you wish to cancel your subscription. If you ever wish to cancel your subscription at any time, please just send a brief email with subject "cancel" to "cancel@goldenbridge.ca" and we'll take you off the plan right away and inform you by e-mail. Please note that your account will remain active and you will continue to be billed for services until such time as we receive your email or other written notification of your request for termination.

8. Before you mail order any products from us, please check with your local customs office about duty/customs related things in your home country. Like all other Canadian stores that sell merchandise to buyers from foreign countries, we are not responsible for any duty/customs related things once the goods reach your home country. Our quoted price is FOB price plus S&H, which does not include any duty/customs related fees. We do not offer any refund if the mail ordered products are prohibited by your local laws.

9. By registering as a member, submitting an offer, or sending us an mail order, you accept the above rules.

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